Welcome to the Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences at Michigan State University. With expertise ranging from ecosystems services and disease management, to plant breeding, genomics, and food safety, we provide leadership and deliver programs that are internationally recognized and respected and have impact at local, national, and international levels. To provide this leadership, we work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner to effectively address complex problems and emerging threats that challenge food production and security. Above all, we value our missions of teaching, extension/outreach, research, international, service, and stewardship.   We are home to 70 faculty, 100  graduate students, 86 post-docs and staff members, and 200 undergraduate and certificate students.

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Meet a Staff Member

Photo of Mackenzie Graham

Mackenzie Graham is the new graduate secretary for the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences.

Graham began her career at Michigan State University in September 2014 and transferred to her position at PSM in April 2016. Her work at MSU’s Product Center prepared her for a job in the PSM department. The Product Center works to improve economic opportunities in Michigan agriculture, food and natural resources.

The Baker College graduate was interested in a career where she could help people. After realizing the medical field was not suited for her, she began her work in as a secretary.

Graham’s job is to assist potential graduate students applying for graduate school, and help current graduate students stay on track to graduate.

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Teaching, Research, Extension/Outreach

Featured Students


Timothy LeBlanc waters grass.

Name: Timothy (T.J.) LeBlanc

Hometown: Livonia, MI

Adviser: Dr. John R. Rogers, III

What is your Major, or Certificate Program? Turfgrass Management

Why did you choose that major or program? I’ve always loved the game of Golf, and MSU allows me to pursue a career that I’m not only passionate about, but also fits the lifestyle I want to lead. [Read more about Timothy LeBlanc.]




Name: Christopher Gillespie     

Hometown: Champaign, IL

Crop and Soil Sciences Concentrations: Agronomic Sciences

Adviser: Karen Renner

Why did you choose this major and concentration? I chose this major and concentration because “a farmer is someone who is outstanding in their field.” As I hope to be one day soon! [Read more about Christopher Gillespie]

Graduate Program

Charlie Krasnow in field.

Name: Charlie Krasnow

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts

Major Professor: Mary Hausbeck

In what lab do you work in and what are you researching?

I am in Mary Hausbeck’s lab and I am researching age-related resistance to Phytophthora, which is an economically important soil borne fungal-like organism.